Lesson 4: Creating A Winning Pitch

What You’ll Learn: Whether you’re closing a sale, securing investment or seeking a new partner or supplier, your pitch is your currency. In this lesson, we’ll cover all the basics of making a killer pitch, from your opening to your close and follow-up.

Creating a Winning Pitch (continued)


1. Prepare your pitch. Prepare an outline of your pitch presentation and then build it out. Remember to edit mercilessly. Add graphics where they inform or add impact. Photos of your dog aren’t going to get you a sale (unless, of course, you own a pet shop).

2. Practice makes perfect. Rehearse your presentation so that it flows naturally but not robotically. Remember, this is meant to spur conversation, not kill it. Practice in front of people. The mirror is terrific for seeing how you look, but what you look like to the audience is what matters. You need to sound confident, and you need to look like you know your stuff.

3. Anticipate and answer questions. Your prospect doesn’t want to hear you hem and haw as if you don’t know an answer. Think about the questions your audience is likely to ask. Forget everything you know and look at your presentation and solution as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Those are the questions they will ask.

4. Prepare for objections. Be ready for any particularly tough questions or objections. An excellent way to do this is to 1) write down the top 10 objections you’re facing in the market; 2) write down the best answers to each of these and reduce those answers down to three sentences; 3) have several people review your answers and provide feedback; 4) know those answers by heart.