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Helping entrepreneurs explore the world of Cottage Food operations, food booths, food trucks, pop-ups, and restaurants. Chock-full of helpful insights and resources.


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Starting over? We have a suite of special resources to give you a jump start.


Starting over? We have a suite of special resources to give you a jump start.

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Startup 365, Washington’s Small Business Training & Education Center, is all about giving entrepreneurs and business owners a competitive advantage. Starting a business is hard, but running one can be even harder. There are so many things you have to know, from the endless paperwork and reporting to finding customers who not only want what you’re selling, but will tell others to buy from you too.

This site contains a lot of lessons learned. Successful business owners from all walks of life share their stories, successes and occasionally, boneheaded mistakes, all with the hope that you can build your business faster and better as a result.

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If you’re a serial entrepreneur or seasoned business owner, you’ll find some really good stuff here; things you may have forgotten. But if you’re a nouveau-entrepreneur, an owner who’s in their first year or two of business, someone who’s making a go of it far from urban centers of learning, or a lone wolf who likes to do things themselves, then this site is for you!

Here, you’ll find a wealth of small business programs and resources, from our new Entrepreneur Academy and Financial Literacy modules to our small business resources that are specific to women and veteran-owned businesses.

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In the wake of a global pandemic and historic economic contraction, our goal is to re-energize communities and businesses with an intense entrepreneurial spirit, serving as a clearinghouse of accurate, actionable information you can use to build a successful business in Washington State. Technology allows people to live and work where they want these days and it is the state’s goal to provide the tools, resources, education, training and support you need, whether you’re new to entrepreneurship or are an experienced pro. 

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