The last few years were not kind to small businesses. Many that survived the pandemic have found ways to survive and even thrive. But others have faced the prospect of starting over again or changing the way they do business to meet the demands of a very different marketplace.

The Restart Academy was created with this in mind. A chance to find new pathways to prosperity and success as we recover, rebuild and restart.


The Restart Academy was created by the Washington State Department of Commerce to rebuild communities through a vibrant, growing community of entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. Believing that every resident deserves equal and equitable access to knowledge, resources, funding and technical assistance, the Academy is an ever-changing source of inspiration, education and connection.


Each course will take you through a specific topic, from how to make a fresh start and building stakeholder trust to developing a successful exit strategy down the road for you and your business. Courses include an online workbook, assignments and additional links and resources.

The Restart Academy is a companion resource to the Entrepreneur Academy and the The Startup Playbook. As you continue your journey as a business owner, these resources may provide additional information and inspiration.


Ready to dive in? Our team of experts have assembled some great lessons for you, including video segments from pros around the world who have been there before.


Meet the folks behind the Restart Academy who made this all possible. Most have been in your shoes before, rebuilding or restarting a small business or working with businesses that face similar challenges.