Lesson 3: Building a Strategic Mindset

What You’ll Learn: Building a successful business requires a strategic mindset that allows you to see the big picture and make decisions that will benefit your business over the long term.

This module will help you gain the skills you need to see your business from a different perspective and act strategically.

Building a Strategic Mindset (continued)


1. Make time. Think about your average day. What can you delegate to others to increase the amount of time you can spend on the strategic side of the business? Clear your calendar of any unnecessary activities or meetings.

2. Get in the booth. Just like a coach at a big game, view your business from a higher level. How does it align with your goals and overall strategy? What needs to be realigned or modified to advance your goals?

3. Find a trusted adviser. Mentors can help you sort things out, confirm your strategies, offer improvements and help you see your business from a different perspective.

4. Become an observer. As you build your business, become a student as well as a leader. Walk the floor, talk to your team, study the workflows and outputs. Where can efficiencies be improved, what can be streamlined, and what can move you more quickly to your short- and long-term goals?