Lesson 2: Channeling Your Inner Entrepreneur

What You’ll Learn: As you start thinking about a new business venture, it’s important to rediscover that inner entrepreneur that made you want to start a business in the first place.

Channeling Your Inner Entrepreneur


1. Explore your purpose. What are you passionate about? What cause would you like to commit to as part of your life’s work? If you have several, that’s O.K. The important part is to focus on what you are passionate about.

2. Write your pages. Spend at least two weeks doing your three pages of stream of consciousness as soon as you get up without exception. Don’t read through previous entries. Do you find more clarity and less clutter? Are ideas and productive thoughts taking the place of that clutter? If so, continue on. If not, redouble your effort to find clarity by putting all that other stuff in your head on paper.

3. Take yourself on at least one date. Indulge the senses and get away from your everyday space. The goal is to see the world through a different lens and maybe connect a few dots in your life. Often the best ideas come while you are totally present in the moment, away from the phone, the office and the home, and simply walking in this world as one of its observers.

4. Pen your legacy. Go far into the future and think about your legacy. What were you known for? What did you stand for? What did you leave behind, and what was your biggest accomplishment? Write it all down and then see how it aligns with your purpose and passion. This can help you rediscover what it is that makes you tick. Ideally, your new endeavor should embody these as much as possible.