Lesson 1: Making a Fresh Start

What You’ll Learn: Starting fresh can be hard, especially when the past is still haunting you.

This module looks at the process you need to go through to leave the past behind and successfully start a new enterprise.


1. Life lessons. Think about your last business. What did you do right? What could you have done better? What would you do differently the next time? Use these as a roadmap in your planning for your next business to speed its growth.

2. Talk to someone. Nearly everyone has a peer or associate that they can use as a sounding board. It’s better if they knew you and your business. Ask them for advice and ideas. Ask them if they have any words of wisdom or support.

3. Inventory your network. Your network of friends, partners, associates and social media contacts can help you find new connections to opportunities. Take some time to reconnect with these people in meaningful ways. They may just be the key to unlocking new opportunities down the road. Remember, you want to offer something to get something, so be prepared to share resources and knowledge as well.

4. Perform a skills assessment. No one can be the master of everything. Think about those areas that you weren’t particularly strong in, such as financial controls, recruiting talent, operations, delegation, marketing, etc. Use the time to brush up on these skills through webinars, training, or engage the services of a business consultant. You want to have a broad understanding of your business and the work others should be doing to support your idea.