mauryNovember is important to people in many different ways.  This year it caps one of the most gorgeous autumns in recent memory but there are also public and private events and celebrations of traditions that include family and friends, from football and parades to festive events and, of course, the big meal of gratitude involving, for most of us, the big bird.

Before that food-filled festivity there is another celebration of note, Global Entrepreneurship Week, taking place Nov 17-23.  It is the largest event of its kind and this year every county in our state will have activities in its communities. Throughout the week you can learn about the innovators and entrepreneurs who have worked hard and taken risks to create healthy and prosperous local economies and show them your appreciation—and even fire up an idea or two of your own.
Last year, thousands of people attended more than 100 events in Washington State. Activities this year will introduce business startup to kids as young as 11 and inspire people of all other ages to explore their capacity as self-igniting innovators.
The list of cool events runs long, ranging from Dayton’s sixth grade teacher, Mr. McCann, teaching his class the business of running lemonade stands to Republic high school students reinventing a product and then accessing capital to get it into the world through an interactive game created by Washington State University.  There will be numerous business plan competitions offering prize money, including one in Tacoma with the bold theme of changing the world.  Some communities will have their own version of Shark Tank and appreciation contests while in others members of the media will interview and highlight local entrepreneurs.
But wait!! There is way more!!!.  We also have several startup weekend activities where businesses will be born and jobs created in only 54 hours.  I know, you are asking yourself, “Maury, are you serious?”   There are breakfasts with speakers, and luncheons with entrepreneurs and dinners with awards and still more.  And now I can imagine you are probably saying to yourself, “Maury, help me, where can I find all these events?”
I am glad you asked that question because, like I already said, I can’t go on; the state has too many events to mention here in this short newsletter.   So, and this is something I would normally not tell you to do:   Stop reading this!
Go instead to the Startup 365 Washington website to see the robust mélange of events that will again tell our story to the world why Washington is the state for entrepreneurship.
Just remember after all this excitement not to forget to take the turkey out of the oven. Happy thanksgiving to my friends, colleagues and readers.