Academy Curriculum

Mastering the basic skills of starting and running a business begins with the fundamentals. 

Our instructors have been in your shoes. They’ve built their own businesses or served as consultants to business large and small.

And now they are here to help you master the skills that are critical for you to build your own successful enterprise.

Current Courses

Lesson 1: Ideation

Lesson 1 instructor, Guy Nelson

Ideas are everything in business and Guy Nelson will teach you how to turn your ideas into a successful enterprise.



Lesson 2: Starting a Responsible Business

Sean Moore discusses the concept of a socially responsible business.

You can make money and a difference with the same business. Sean Moore will show you how.



Lesson 3: Business Canvas

Lindsay Andreotti teaches how to do a Business Canvas.

Lindsay Andreotti shows you how a Business Canvas can be a shortcut to perfecting your business model.



Lesson 4: Access to Capital

Megan Hulsey discusses access to capital for startups.

Funding can be a real challenge for a new business. Megan Hulsey shares valuable tips for accessing capital.



Lesson 5: Business Structures

Madhu Singh covers the basics of business structure.

Madhu Singh walks you through the different business structures and their advantages and disadvantages.



Lesson 6: Choosing the Right Location

Denise and Alanna cover choosing the right location for your business.

Denise Dumouchel and Alanna Imbach unlock the secrets of choosing the right location.



Lesson 7: Marketing

Jennifer Korfiatis discusses small business marketing

Jennifer Korfiatis takes some of the mystery out of marketing a small business on a shoestring.



Lesson 8: Intellectual Property

Protecting your ideas is vital. Aziz Makhani shows you how.

Intellectual property has value. Aziz Makhani shows you how to protect it, from copyrights to trade secrets.



Lesson 9: Crisis Management

Kiana Kabanje discusses crisis planning and management.

A disaster isn’t a matter of if, but when. Kiana Kabanje discusses the importance of a crisis plan.



Lesson 10: Supply Chain Management

Tommy Gantz shows the importance of a supply chain for small businesses.

Even a small business needs a supply chain. Tommy Gantz tells you how to get the most out of one.



Lesson 11: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Leigh Felton covers common mistakes businesses make and how to avoid them.

Leigh Felton highlights some of the common mistakes businesses make and how to minimize them.



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