Success Story:
SentinelC3, Inc.


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When you’re in the thick of things, it’s not easy to step back and see the big picture. As SentinelC3 CFO/Founder Stephen Owen discovered, launching a new product in the middle of a pandemic made it even more challenging.

The company already had a successful suite of tools that helped healthcare providers improve the visibility, workflows and security of their supplier spending as well as ensure that every touch of patient information was properly authenticated, audited, logged and secured to comply with regulations and applicable privacy laws.

During the Discovery Phase of the Thrive! program, the team of experts helped Stephen narrow the scope of the project to focus on two to three issues most important to the company. These were then arranged in a timeline to provide accountability.

As the company was in the process of launching a new software platform for the healthcare market, it was critical that the Thrive! team tailored their work around the demands on the management team’s time. Phone calls, emails and Zoom meetings with the Edward Lowe Foundation and Thrive! teams were arranged around his team’s hectic schedules.

 “The experts from the Edward Lowe Foundation were legitimate. They listened and were able to re-frame my needs in real-world COVID/pandemic situations,” says Stephen.

Having an objective expert on hand to help the management team figure out everything from marketing, finances and operations was particularly helpful, he says. “Measuring accomplishments and failures within 90 days with the help of an expert can deliver real change and growth.”

When asked if he recommends the Thrive! program to other fast-growing companies in Washington State, Stephen offers this advice: “You need to be clear on what is important to your company. Too many people in executive leadership bury themselves in the trenches of daily operations and fail to plan a vision for the company.

“There was a definite ROI concerning the time and money spent with the Thrive! team. The advice given in the context of accountability and the best approach to meet my target clients during a pandemic really stood out in value.”