Success Story:
Scratch and Peck Feeds


You’ve heard the expression, “you are what you eat.” Scratch and Peck Feeds in Burlington took that idea to a new level when they decided to manufacture a line of Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified animal feeds, supplements and treats. The products are made with whole grains sourced entirely from North American farmers, growers and producers.

Seeking new ways to spur growth by expanding their customer base and distribution channels, the family-owned company signed up for the Department of Commerce’s Thrive! program, which is designed specifically for high-growth companies often referred to as “second stage.”

“It was immediately apparent that these experts had the experience and resources to provide direction,” says company CEO Rich Fowles. “We received a segmented marketing report that opened our eyes to new consumer groups. Additionally, we received targeted and layered reports on possible expansion opportunities.”

The caliber of the experts from the Edward Lowe Foundation and Commerce who worked with Scratch and Peck was most appreciated by Fowles. “It can be difficult as a small business to gain access to the level of expertise available through Thrive! We were extremely pleased with the ability of the program experts to provide resources and information about priorities that were specific to the company and the industry, especially the ability of the team to diagnose and focus in on a couple of specific areas for improvement from Day 1.”

Scratch and Peck found so much value in the program that they continued with the 30-60-90-day After Care program, a series of post-Thrive! check-ins to follow-up on the initial course of work.

“I would absolutely recommend the program to other second-stage businesses,” he said. “It can be difficult as a small business to gain access to this level of expertise.”