A Final Huddle

The coach reminds players that you need to try, try again and advises you not to give up on your idea or dream.We couldn’t include every eventuality or hoop you’ll need to jump through in this playbook. Every business is different, not only in terms of what they are starting out with, but what they need to succeed down the road.

However, we hope that we have given you enough information that you can get into the game with confidence. If you’re not sure which play to call next, feel free to tap into the collective expertise of our Special Teams coaches.

But whatever you do in business, don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Failure is part of business. Taking risks is part of the game. Every business legend has made his or her share of bonehead mistakes. Successful business people admit their errors, learn from their mistakes and continue to look down the field, never losing sight of the goal line.

Hopefully, this playbook will help you make the smart plays you need to become the next Washington State Business Legend, joining an elite group of legendary men and women who have changed and continue to change the world one idea at a time.

Good luck and much success!