A female business owner flips the sign on her shop to "Open"

Every business deserves an opportunity.

Washington Opportunities Networks (WON), an initiative led by Washington State Department of Commerce, supports small businesses furthest from opportunity by connecting them to the technical assistance and funding they need to thrive.

Washington’s 600,000 unique and culturally diverse small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. Their success is critical for ensuring vibrant and healthy communities. At the Washington Department of Commerce, we believe that no small business should struggle because of closed pathways to technical support or funding in our state.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the challenges Washington small businesses furthest from opportunity are facing, both now and historically. We have an opportunity to better serve small businesses and strengthen pathways to support so they can thrive.

Washington Opportunities Network:

  • Identifies gaps and opportunities in Washington’s small business ecosystem
  • Enhances connections between small businesses, technical assistance providers, and investors, with a focus on strengthening pathways to success for those small businesses furthest from opportunity


Work with WON

Are you a technical assistance provider or funder looking to increase your support for businesses furthest from opportunity? Let’s work together to support Washington small businesses.