Lesson 6: Finding Customers

What You’ll Learn: Finding a steady stream of high-value customers and clients is the golden ticket of the creative world. Unfortunately, it’s far easier said than done because, in this connected world of ours, the latest and greatest is always just a few clicks away. Hopefully, when you’re done with this lesson, you’ll have a few more proven ways to fill that pipeline.

Finding Customers (continued)


  1. If you already have clients or customers, why do they use you? What brought them in initially, and what keeps them coming back? Are the reasons something you can leverage, building on them to attract other prospects?
  2. Do you have customers who are sucking up your time and resources but aren’t creating real value or a pathway to growth? These may not be your most profitable customers, even if the monthly invoices say they are a top client. Your time and talent are valuable. Think about letting “unprofitable” customers go so you can find customers that are more valuable to you as a business owner.
  3. Why do people want to work with you? As a creative, you are unique in this world. Is your unique value proposition something you can embrace more fully in the marketplace? Think about fashion designer Betsey Johnson who was faithful to her creative vision, even in her own choice of wardrobe.
  4. Which creatives out there inspire you personally and professionally? What draws you to them? What makes you buy their products, use their services, shop their brand or watch their movies or shows?
  5. How can you better serve your customers? Can you offer more value or more solutions to your existing base? Are you locked into one space when you would be working with them in different areas of creativity that utilize your talents?