Lesson 8: Intellectual Property

What You’ll Learn: Ideas are currency in the world of business. From original works to cutting-edge inventions, you want to protect your work from theft, reverse engineering and dilution. Learn the ins and outs of copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets and how to protect your intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Quiz


Lesson 8: Intellectual Property

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Intellectual property is...

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The four types of intellectual property are:

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Trademarks can be:

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A copyright gives the owner...

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What action could occur if you ignore a copyright?

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The federal office responsible for reviewing and approving applications is called:

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Which of the following products is an example of a company holding a trade secret?

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Contrary to patents, trade secrets are protected without registration and require no procedural formalities for their protection.

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What percentage of patents that have been filed have not recovered the cost to patent?

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To avoid copyright infringement you should...

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