Lesson 7: Marketing

What You’ll Learn: There’s no reason to go into business if no one knows how to find you. Marketing is a key component of your strategy for success. In this segment, we’ll lift the shroud of mystery surrounding marketing and show you proven tools and techniques for getting the word out to your target customers, even if you’re doing it on a shoestring.

Marketing Quiz


Lesson 7: Marketing

Marketing is essential to any small business' recipe for success. Test your knowledge of the ingredients needed for a winning strategy.

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The four P's of marketing are...

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According to the video, the concept of pricing strategy should be included in the...

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Segmentation is the process of...

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Which of the following are included in the types of market segmentation?

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Entrepreneurs believe that their best people for their product is:

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Psychological Variable are:

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To develop a relationship with your customer, it's more effective to:

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What type of marketing has replaced advertising?

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Effective low-cost marketing strategies include:

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At the end of the day, entrepreneurs must recognize that...

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