Lesson 3: Business Model Canvas

What You’ll Learn: When it comes to transitioning an idea into a business, the Business Model Canvas is one of the fastest and best ways to think through your business before you spend a dime. It offers a time-saving shortcut to the traditional business plan process and will quickly give you insights into the viability of new your idea. 

Business Model Canvas Quiz

Lesson 3: Business Canvas

A Business Canvas offers a great shortcut to creating a business. Test your newfound knowledge in this short quiz.

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What is a Business Canvas

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What describes how your product solves a problem and benefits customers?

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The most important thing customers can do for a business is:

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A channel is:

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Find, Keep, Grow refers to what in a business model?

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Revenue streams can be collected through...

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What is normally the biggest expense in a business?

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Which of these are not considered fixed costs?

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What do you need to do to keep key stakeholders supporting your business?

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What location serves as Lindsey's video background:

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