Lesson 11: Avoiding Common Mistakes

What You’ll Learn: Failure is a natural pathway to success and is inevitable as you strike out on your own as an entrepreneur and small business owner. Bold ideas are, after all, risky. This module walks you through the life lessons of someone who has been in your shoes and shows you how to avoid some of the setbacks and struggles along the way.

Avoiding Common Mistakes (continued)


  1. Check your aptitude for starting a business. Many first-time entrepreneurs aren’t ready to start a business. Take this brief test to see if you have what it takes at this point in your life to start and build a business.
  2. Read through these helpful tips. Someone has already been in your shoes and can show you the way. Take some time to read through these helpful tips so you can avoid common mistakes as you start a business.
  3. Find your passion. Think about what you are passionate about and write them down. Are there several that have something in common? Is there one that really stands out? This should become a guidepost for your business idea. If you’re not passionate about what you do you will give up too easily, especially when things get a little tough.
  4. Talk to fellow entrepreneurs. If you know someone who has started a business, make a date for coffee or a beer and talk about their experiences, what they’ve learned along the way and ask them to share any secrets they have for creating and running a successful business.
  5. Read the Playbook. The Startup Playbook is your guide to a successful business. Read through the online version and use the lessons learned to create your business while avoiding the usual landmines.