Lesson 10: Supply Chains

What You’ll Learn: Supply chains aren’t just for mega-corporations. Every business large and small has a supply chain in one form or another and maximizing its efficiency, flexibility and redundancy. We’ll show you how to build a chain that supports your current and emerging needs, ensuring that it will grow and mature as your business does.

Supply Chain Quiz


Lesson 10: Supply Chains

Even a small business has a supply chain. Test your understanding of this important part of a business' success.

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Supply chain management is...

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Supply chain management is important because:

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Sourcing, production and logistics are:

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Supply chain management operates at three levels:

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Startups can delivery high quality products to their customers by:

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In choosing a supplier, make sure they are:

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Logistics is:

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The biggest problem in the supply chain usually occurs...

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Metrics used in successful supply chain management include:

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Important takeaways for understanding supply chain management include:

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