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Welcome to the Academy Bookstore. Feel free to roam about the aisles, read the workbooks online (hover over the icon in the center to see full screen with pagination) and even download them if you’d like. To download, click the the arrow in the upper left corner of the workbook.

If you have a 3D printer, feel free to print out your pencils, composition books and school apparel. Yes, we’re just kidding (for now!).

Lesson 1: Ideation
Lesson 2: Starting a Responsible Business
Lesson 3: Business Canvas
Lesson 4: Access to Capital
Lesson 5: Business Structures
Lesson 6: Choosing the Right Location
Lesson 7: Marketing
Lesson 8: Intellectual Property
Lesson 9: Crisis Management
Lesson 10: Supply Chains
Lesson 11: Avoiding Common Mistakes

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