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Go Global 

Not accepting applications at this time.

Nearly half of small businesses don’t have a website and 74% don’t offer online ordering. Given that 80% of consumers do their research online before they make a purchase, that’s a lot of lost opportunities to reach new customers and increase sales.

And that’s just in the United States. What few businesses realize is that 95% of all customers and two-thirds of the world’s purchasing power lie overseas.

Go Global was designed to even the playing field a bit for small businesses across Washington State. The program offers successful applicants up to $4,000 to design a new website, upgrade an existing one, or add online ordering. You can even use the money to increase your search engine rankings and build a social media marketing machine.


What is the Go Global Grant Program?

Go Global is an E-commerce Technical Assistance Grant Program that supports small businesses with the consulting, design and technical support required to develop and integrate e-commerce into their website so they can successfully market and sell domestically and internationally and grow their worth.

Small business owners awarded through Go Global will select contractors (they wish to work with) from among a statewide master list of vetted and approved contractors procured by Commerce. The grant award is up to $4,000 to cover the cost of the needed web design/e-commerce project. This will be paid by Commerce directly to the contractor when the e-commerce project is completed.

The awards will be on-going process, based on funds available.

Who is eligible to apply?

Small businesses must:

  • Be organized or incorporated and operating in Washington State.
  • Have a UBI or EIN and are physically located in Washington State
  • Have been in business for not less than the 2-year period ending on the date on which the award is provided;
  • Generates at least 51% of revenue in Washington State
How are applications reviewed?
Screening for Eligibility
  • Applications are screened by staff to ensure the small business owner applicant meets eligibility requirements
Evaluation and Application Scoring Panel
  • Applications are evaluated and scored by Commerce staff.
Notification of Go Global Award
  • Applicants will be notified in 2-4 weeks after the date of application
  • Feedback is available if the application is found ineligible for funding.
How long will the application portal be open?

The portal has been closed until more funding becomes available. 

What are the grant amounts?

Go Global grant awards will range up to $4,000 based on needs. The awarded small business owner will be responsible for any costs above this. Commerce staff will review applications and make needs-based awards of up to $4,000 to offset the cost of work performed.

Is this a first-come-first-served grant program?

It is open until the money is exhausted. Every application won’t be approved, as some may be incomplete or not meet the eligibility requirements.

What services the contractors can provide?
  • website development
  •  translation and design;
  •  implementation of online sales apps or plug-ins;
  • assistance with digital marketing, including search engine optimization;
  • assistance with development of social media strategies and integration with app-based/online delivery services;
  • translation of marketing media;
  • training on e-commerce platform use;
If I have been awarded a grant, how can I find a contractor?

Awarded small business owners will select from the service provider roster composed of vetted and approved Contractors. The link to the list will be provided to you with your acceptance letter, along with instructions.

How is the contractor reimbursed for the work they do on my behalf?

Contractors are expected to create contracts between themselves and each small business owner outlining the expected scope of work and associated costs to complete the project. Contract templates may be provided by Commerce, if needed. Commerce will offset the cost of services rendered as a percentage of the total project cost, not to exceed $4,000 per small business owner. The small business owner will be responsible for any costs above this and the Contractor will work with that small business to secure any funds above the $4,000 threshold before beginning work. Payment will be made directly to the Contractor by Commerce after the Go Global staff is provided a copy of the contract and associated invoice by the Contractor and upon verification from the small business owner that the new or upgraded e-commerce capability was delivered.

What is Commerce doing to promote equity and inclusion?

Commerce is translating materials into 5 languages. FAQ, program guidelines and the application will be translated into Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Korean and Chinese Mandarin.

Extensive outreach will be provided to underserved and historically disadvantaged communities by our outreach partners, including regional, county and local business and economic development organizations.

Can application questions be answered in any language?

Please note that all the answers should be in English. Please consider using a translation tool (Ex: https://translate.google.com/) to help translate the response into English before submitting the final application.

Do I need a state UBI number to apply?

Yes. Businesses that do not have a UBI number are not eligible for this grant program, unless exempt. If you are an exempt tribal-member-owned business, you may provide alternative business validation such as your business registration or license from a federally recognized tribe in Washington State (https://goia.wa.gov/tribal-directory/federally-recognized-indian-tribes) instead of a UBI number.

I own multiple businesses. Can I apply for more than one?

No. Because of the limited funding associated with this pilot program, applicants/owners must apply for one business only.