A Post First-Wave Planner for Small Businesses

9. Technology

  • Make sure your remote workers have the technologies they need to work effectively, including laptops with onboard cameras, cellphones, tablets, etc.
  • If budget allows, have replacement computers and phones available, should employee systems go on the the fritz. The same goes for accessories such as mice, keyboards, power supplies, etc.
  • Work with your IT consultant or staff to determine methods for doing security, software and system updates remotely, so staff have compatible systems and product releases. Think about changing administrator privileges temporarily to allow remote workers to have some measure of update capabilities if you don’t have a centralized way to push out updates and releases.
  • Utilize VPN with remote access so workers can “tunnel” into the company’s networks securely. This will allow access to sensitive information or systems behind the firewall
  • Review Zoom, Skype or teleconferencing subscriptions to ensure that you have a plan that matches your company’s needs. Make sure your staff gains mastery of these tools, even after a restart.