Lesson 4: Creating Revenue Streams

What You’ll Learn: As a creative, it’s easy to think about selling your work as a simple, one-time transaction. But these days, there are ways you can monetize your work through multiple channels, reselling and repurposing it to create a steady stream of money coming through the door.

Creating Revenue Streams (continued)


  1. Map out the different creative talents that you derive revenue from now. Is there a way to create additional revenue streams by repurposing what you’ve already done, going into another aspect of your craft or finding new markets?
  2. What can you do differently to monetize your creativity in new ways, such as licensing content or copyrights, creating a subscription model, combine pursuits into a new offering (a passion for design and coding that leads to game design or website production)?
  3. As you build consistent revenue, what else can you do to meet your personal needs in terms of income? Can you teach or freelance? Host a webinar? Give lessons?
  4. What pathways offer you the best options for creating a consistent revenue stream that evens out your income so that you aren’t in a feast and famine mode as work comes in and new work is courted?
  5. Is there a way to monetize your work through other channels, such as apparel, promotional items, limited productions or collectibles?