The Small Business Playbook

The Playbook was written by a Washington business owner for business owners and if filled with resources, links and the steps required to start a business in the state, all in an easy to read, football-themed format.

Entrepreneur Academy

The Academy takes you through 11 lessons designed to teach you the essential skills you need to become a successful small business owner. Each lesson includes a video by an expert on the subject, workbook, assignments and quizzes. 


SizeUp offers entrepreneurs and small businesses a sophisticated set of online diagnostic tools that will help you refine your business model, identify competitors, find suppliers, develop advertising strategies and more. You can run various scenarios, comparing your business to others in the area to see how your pricing, staffing, revenue projections and marketing strategies stack up, complete with local, regional, state and U.S. data comparisons. It is a quick and easy tool that is offered free to businesses in Washington State.

Work Spaces

An online, searchable map of work spaces, co-working spaces, maker spaces, incubators, accelerators and commercial kitchens where you can start your business.

Property and Site Search

Ready to expand your business? Our online search tool allows you to search available properties and sites in your community, including a variety of filters to help you narrow and refine your search.

Disaster Preparedness & Recovery

A major crisis or disaster can seriously disrupt operations, or worse, put you out of business. Startup Washington provides small businesses with planning tools that will help them prepare and recover from natural and man-made disasters, from a robbery and hacking to a mudslide or earthquake. We all assist communities, economic development organizations and small businesses with recovery and sustainability efforts following a disaster.