A ‘Between Waves’ Planner for Small Businesses

5. Facilities

  • Identify workers according to functional categories so that you can staff operations at appropriate levels as you suspend or reduce business activities.
  • Work with community, regional and state officials, regulatory agencies, public health departments and emergency response teams to coordinate your plans for suspending, reducing or closing operations to ensure that your procedures meet regulatory and safety guidance.
  • Ensure that key managers in charge of shutting down or suspending operations have the correct access privileges, keys, codes and permissions.
  • Determine staffing levels and corresponding personnel who need to have access to the site and/or be on-site during a crisis-related closure.
  • Periodically review any safety measure you have put in place to ensure they are well maintained and still effective. 
  • If masks become required by public health officials, make sure that your customers, staff and vendors follow the protocols and wear their masks correctly and in compliance with health measures.
  • Review procedures with your staff regarding the handling of any customer who does not follow established public safety measures. Remember, these measures protect you and your employees as much as your customers.