Lesson 1: Ideation

What You’ll Learn: A business is only as good as its ideas. In this section, you’ll learn how to harness the power of ideation, leading you through a series of useful tools and techniques to increase your chances of success by looking at your own potential and finding those powerful nuggets that will quickly rise to the top.

Ideation Quiz


Lesson 1 Quiz: Ideation

Ideation is the starting point of creating a business. Test your knowledge of this lesson by answering the following questions.

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Ideas can do which of the following?

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Creativity is:

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One can learn creativity by:

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Which of these turned into an actual million-dollar idea?

5 / 10

No time, no money, no people are...

6 / 10

When you get a business idea you should:

7 / 10

The most important part of being a successful entrepreneur is:

8 / 10

Successful entrepreneurs carry a notebook around to:

9 / 10

Observing others will help you...

10 / 10

Business ideas often appear by asking yourself:

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