A ‘Between Waves’ Planner for Small Businesses

9. Technology

  • Inventory all hardware, software and mobile technologies as well as which employee each device is assigned to. This will make it easier to manage remote work, troubleshoot technology issues and secure assets in case of a permanent closure or downsizing of staff.
  • Identify sources for hardware replacements and repairs during an extended period of restricted operations, such as stay-at-home orders or temporary closure of non-essential businesses.
  • Establish backup plans should Internet connectivity be disrupted or slowed due to extreme bandwidth usage caused by telework and videoconferencing.
  • Ensure that employee, vendor and supplier mobile phone communications don’t rely on a single cellular network. Use multiple carriers for your team whenever possible and train critical personnel on how to communicate effectively via text messaging.
  • Prepare IT support desk functions so they can operate efficiently off-site and make employees aware of remote tech support protocols.